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Polyethylene Pricing, Profits In 2017: Three Scenarios

By John Richardson WE are in entirely uncharted territory because the West looks as if it is about to abandon the economic and geopolitical policy consensus that has been in place since the Second World War. There is, for example, the collateral damage that might well result from the president-elect’s domestic stimulus policies – a […]

OPEC Cutbacks: The Case Against Any Major Impact

By John Richardson OPEC’s decision to cut production could well turn out to have no significant impact on the direction of oil markets in 2017 and beyond. I believe that everything still points to weaker, rather than stronger, crude prices, barring a major geopolitical crisis. We are very likely heading for is a global recession in […]

China: Planning For What Once Seemed Almost Impossible

By John Richardson FIVE years ago, the probability you would have attached to the third Scenario above – China’s polypropylene (PP) imports falling to just 300,000 tonnes – would no doubt have been close to zero. In 2011 the consensus view was that there was nothing wrong with the Chinese economy that a bit more economic stimulus […]

Donald Trump: Three Scenarios For The Chemicals Industry

By John Richardson SO much for the pollsters, then, just like Brexit. His victory, like Brexit, is the result of the end of the Economic Supercylce. Hundreds of millions of blue-collar,  or working class, and middle class people are mightily angry with the political elites because of diminished economic opportunities. The long-term implications we will have to […]

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