European petchems could be tempted to overproduce
17th February 2011 by

By John Richardson EUROPEAN refiners are “awash with naphtha” as a result of long-term s...

Saudi Producers Remain Confident
15th February 2011 by

By John Richardson THE optimism of Saudi Arabian petrochemical producers remains extremely high, acc...

Flood Of LPG Supply On The Way
30th October 2010 by

Here is another article on the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) market, a subject we have covererd seve...

European Polyolefins: The Luxury of Unintended Consequences
21st September 2010 by

Another excuse for a Dylan picture – ref “Shelter From The Storm” Source of pictur...

China Polypropylene Market Tightens
8th April 2010 by

By John Richardson Polypropylene (PP) appears to have become very tight in China over the last week ...

Europe Faces More Middle East Pressure
27th March 2010 by

A high chance of more showers Source of picture:   By John Richardson A closer ...

The Dangers of Forgetfulness
24th February 2010 by

By John Richardson “IF YOU want to develop a good memory, you should learn to stop xxxxxxx for...

Asia Polyolefins: “Bloodbath” Postponed
16th July 2009 by

Source of Picture : In his own words, here is how one contact describes the current s...

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