Disneyland Economics And Planning For 2011
9th November 2010 by

Please stop taking the Mickey.. Source of picture: China Daily   By John Richardson ECONOMIC bu...

Supercycle Claims Dismissed
29th October 2010 by

By John Richardson THE Morgan Stanley Supercycle report, which we first blogged on last Friday, has ...

More LPG For Petrochemicals – Eventually!
20th October 2010 by

By John Richardson In theory there should be an additional 20-30m tonne/year of liquefied petroleum ...

No Going Back, But Don’t Expect Smooth Ride
18th October 2010 by

Cloth nappies?….you have to be kidding       Source of picture: babygavin.com &...

China Economic Hype And Crude Oil
14th October 2010 by

Let’s catch the bus from now on….  Source of picture: hybridcars.com   By John...

Ethylene Freight Rates Head For Collapse
27th September 2010 by

“If I didn’t care what happens to you….” Source of picture: www.sydbarrett.c...

Picking The Winners And Losers
14th September 2010 by

  Source of picture: ICIS   By John Richardson ICIS has just published its Top 100 listing...

Long-term Shift In LPG Cracking Economics
1st September 2010 by

  Source of picture: the truth about cars   By John Richardson WHEN my fellow blogger Mali...

US Polyolefins Confront Tough H2
24th August 2010 by

Source of picture: www.usaembassy.com     By John Richardson THE US poyolefins industry ha...

Polyethylene And Alice In Wonderland
19th August 2010 by

  Source of picture: the-office.com     By John Richardson A FURTHER illustration of ...

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