China PE Market Falls Prey To The Speculators…..
29th June 2010 by

….again By John Richardson THE sharp fall in polyethylene (PE) pricing in China is being blame...

Financial Sector Fear Looms Large
26th May 2010 by

By John Richardson WE will explore the following issues in a lot more detail over the coming da...

Chemicals Face More Financial Sector Damage
24th May 2010 by

Greed definitely not good for chemicals…. Source of picture:   By John ...

Commodity Stockpiles A Risky Bet
13th April 2010 by

  By John Richardson Inventories of copper, aluminium, lead and nickel have risen as prices for...

Douple-dip Appears To Have Begun
8th February 2010 by

By John Richardson The start of the next dip in what this blog has long thought would be a double-di...

The Dangers Of A Three-Year-Old’s Attention Span
3rd February 2010 by

“Hello everybody – welcome to the island of Sodor. Time to flip your positions’ So...

Polyethylene Pricing Separates From Fundamentals
20th January 2010 by

By John Richardson Linear-low density polyethylene (LLDPE) pricing in China has become increasingly ...

China PE To Grow By 35% – Latest ’09 Forecast
7th December 2009 by

  Money to be made, or saved, again?….. Source of picture:   After l...

The Immediate Dubai Impact
30th November 2009 by

On A Very Sticky Wicket     By John Richardson As one my colleagues said...

Crude, Demand Destruction & Irresponsible Bankers
17th November 2009 by

  Source of picture:     By John Richardson In his own words Paul H...

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