Taking Back Control Of Crude Markets
14th September 2009 by

Goldman Sachs is talking about crude oil at $85 a barrel by the end of the year. Sound familiar? Not...

Excessive Confidence A Risk
16th August 2009 by

Confidence along all the chemicals value chains is always a key issue because of the ability to aggr...

China’s commodity stockpile gamble
5th August 2009 by

Source of Picture: Australiannews.com In this article in the South China Morning Post (you can regis...

Chemicals company H2 complacency?
3rd August 2009 by

Chemical companies as a whole displayed “dangerously complacent” views about second-half...

Futures, Recycling Behind China PE Mystery?
13th July 2009 by

Picture: The China Daily “I’ve given up trying to read the polyolefin market in China. I...

China petchem imports soar on false confidence
9th July 2009 by

They always say the best form of flattery is immitation and so thanks to my colleague Paul Hodges fo...

Artificial price support about to disappear
7th July 2009 by

Source of picture: gilesbowkett.blogspot.com The excellent daily energy and shipping report, The Sch...

An Affair To Remember
1st June 2009 by

Source:Amazon.com I remain perplexed by the direction of chemicals, oil and commodity markets over t...

Be very careful what you wish for…
29th May 2009 by

Source of picture: The Nymex To continue the same theme of earlier this week, I agree with my fellow...

The danger of bogus science
22nd August 2008 by

climate change, IPCC, New Scientist, Peak Oil, oil-supply crisis, oil prices, oceanic oscillations...

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