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Stock Market Threats Far Wider Than Just North Korea

By John Richardson LAST WEEK’S steep fall in global stock markets was of course the result of rising US-North Korea geopolitical tensions. Some $1 trillion was wiped off equity values. We obviously all hope that the geopolitical tensions will ease. But that would still leave behind a bull-run in global equities that has mainly been […]

China’s “Minsky Moment” And The Global Economy

By John Richardson HYMAN MINSKY was an American economist who focused his career on studying the causes of financial crises. He developed what he called a ‘financial instability hypothesis” which was based on the notion that long periods of stability sow the seeds of future crises. His ground breaking work, which is used to explain […]

Income Stagnation And The Impact On The Global Economy

By John Richardson HAVE the post-Global Financial Crisis (GFC) economic stimulus policies of the Western central banks worked? If your answer is yes, you might be heavily influenced by your economic circumstances. Those who are convinced that everything is working out just fine could include the small percentage of people at the summit of the […]

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