Award Sponsors


Once again ICIS is launching the search for the very best in innovation in the chemical industry.

Now in their 14th year, the annual ICIS Innovation Awards seek to recognise and reward companies and individuals that show high levels of innovation in products and processes, as well as providing benefits to the environment and leading progress towards sustainability.

The winners will be those companies and individuals that have made significant steps forward in technological and business innovation, with tangible results emerging during 2016 and the early part of this year.

Why enter?
Winners of an award will:

  • NEW THIS YEAR – Receive a free trial of Reaxys, Elsevier’s R&D Solutions’ web-based tool for the retrieval of chemistry information and data from published literature, including journals and patents. Reaxys helps chemists assess every stage of their work and get from concept to market
  • Enjoy extensive editorial coverage in ICIS Chemical Business and ICIS online
  • Be able to build on further publicity both within their company and externally, related to their success in the competition
  • Be invited to an Awards lunch with the other winners, sponsors and judges later in the year
  • Receive an active lnnovation Awards logo to host on their web site, promoting their success in the competition.
Independent judges

To ensure we identify the very best in innovation from the global chemicals industry, we have enlisted a panel of leading innovation experts from the industry and wider innovation community, who will select the winners in each of the four categories and an overall Best Innovation for 2017 (see below).

They will also judge the Alpha Innovator of the Year entries.

Sponsor support

ICIS is pleased this year to welcome back Elsevier’s R&D Solutions as the overall sponsor of the awards and as a partner in the Alpha Innovator of the Year Awards, to be presented to two high-performing individuals.

ICIS is also grateful for the continued support of U.S. Chemicals and ExxonMobil Chemical as category sponsors. We thank them for their support of the Innovation with Best Benefit for the Environment and Sustainability category, and Best Innovation by a Small or Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) category, respectively.

Entry categories

To recognise the breadth of innovation in the chemical sector, the ICIS Innovation Awards include four company categories and two individual categories.

The annual ICIS lnnovation Awards are open to any chemical company or collaborative effort between companies and academia, regardless of where in the world they are based.

The judges will be looking for innovative projects that solve problems or provide solutions for the company entering and/or its customers, or demonstrate an innovative approach to business, the environment and/or sustainability.

Each year, ICIS selects an overall company winner, chosen from the winners in the four company categories. This Award will be presented this year by Elsevier’s R&D Solutions, as lead sponsor of the ICIS Innovation Awards 2017 at a lunch event in central London. The individual and company category winners will be presented with their awards at the same time as the overall winner.

Corporate Categories

If you have any questions contact John Baker on +44 20 8652 3153 or email:

  1. Decide which category you want to enter in either the ICIS Innovation Awards or Alpha Innovator of the Year Awards
  2. Complete the relevant online application form that can be found at
  3. Upload supporting documents
  4. Click submit
  5. Confirmation of receipt of your entry will be sent to you by email.


A short list of successful entries in each category will be published in ICIS Chemical Business in August. Winners will be notified in September, and the announcement of the winners will be made in ICIS Chemical Business in October. Award presentations will be made in early December at a special lunch in a leading London venue.