2018 Awards

Award Sponsors


Once again ICIS has sought out and rewarded the very best in innovation in the chemical industry.

Now in their 15th year, the annual ICIS Innovation Awards recognise and reward companies that show high levels of innovation in products and processes, as well as providing benefits to the environment and leading progress towards sustainability.

This year’s winners are:

  • OVERALL WINNER - Lehigh Technologies Enabling the circular economy with micronised rubber powder
  • BEST PRODUCT INNOVATION sponsored by Accenture - Stora Enso Repurposing lignin as a renewable replacement for fossil-based materials
  • BEST PROCESS INNOVATION - Galaxy Surfactants Green process for the manufacture of amino acid surfactants
  • INNOVATION WITH BEST BENEFIT TO ENVIRONMENT OR SUSTAINABILITY sponsored by Maroon Group - Lehigh Technologies Enabling the circular economy with micronised rubber powder
  • BEST INNOVATION BY A SMALL OR MEDIUM-SIZED ENTERPRISE sponsored by ExxonMobil Chemical - Electrochem Technologies & Materials Electrowinning iron from copperas: a zero-carbon iron-making process

The winners were judged to be companies that have made significant steps forward in technological and business innovation, with tangible results emerging during 2017 and the early part of this year.

ICIS extends its congratulations to Lehigh Technologies and the other three category winners.

Full details of all the innovations and features on the Awards’ sponsors can be found in the special ICIS publication announcing the results of this year’s competition.

Innovation awards 2018

Independent judges

To ensure the ICIS Innovation Awards identify the very best in innovation from the global chemicals industry, ICIS enlisted a panel of leading innovation experts from the industry and wider innovation community. These selected the winners in each of the four categories and an overall Best Innovation for 2018.

Sponsor support

ICIS is pleased this year to welcome BASF as the overall sponsor of the awards.

ICIS is also grateful for the continued support of Maroon Group, ExxonMobil Chemical and Accenture as category sponsors.

We thank them for their support of the Innovation with Best Benefit for the Environment and Sustainability category, Best Innovation by a Small or Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) category, and Best Product Innovation category, respectively.

If you have any questions contact John Baker on +44 20 8652 3153 or email: john.baker@icis.com.