Creative and talented scientists, engineers and other R&D professionals lie at the heart of chemical industry innovation. Their passion and commitment, scientific and managerial expertise, and inspiration are vital to ensuring that the chemical industry continues to meet pressing industrial, social and environmental needs.

To recognise these individuals, lead sponsor Elsevier’s R&D Solutions teamed up with ICIS last year to introduce a new individual category within the ICIS lnnovation Awards. Now in its second year, the Alpha lnnovator of the Year Awards recognises individual scientists, engineers and other R&D professionals who are unafraid to tackle roadblocks head on, and who are unrelenting in their pursuit of innovation and optimisation as they strive to push the industry forward - not only as an industry, but as a society.

The inaugural winners in 2016 were Sudip Majumdar, chief technology officer of Compact Membrane Systems, in the Environment and Sustainability category, and Mr Marc Swan and Professor Jan Czernuszka of Oxtex, in the New Product Development/Process Optimisation category.

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About the Get to Alpha initiative

With increased demand for high performance products, pressure for immediate commercial returns on innovation, lower costs, lower emissions and safer manufacturing, the future of the chemical industry is in the hearts and minds of the scientists, engineers and other R&D professionals who embody the unrelenting drive to conquer challenges as they invent, innovate and commercialise the best solutions.

Elsevier R&D Solutions’ Get to Alpha initiative aims to share insights and engage chemicals industry stakeholders about the topic of empowering R&D and engineering groups to meet the industry’s conflicting challenges, and to ultimately become first and best at product and process innovation.

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Alpha Innovator of the Year - New Product Development/Process Optimisation

The winner in this category is:

Muralidhar Ingale of Adroit Pharmachem in Vadodara, India, for his development of a patented process for converting waste ammonia and carbon dioxide into phthalocyanine compounds


Alpha Innovator of the Year - Environment and Sustainability

The winner in this category is:

Dr Mei Li of Dow AgroSciences, for her work in the design, implementation and commercialisation of three novel agrochemical products

You can read all about this year’s winners and sponsors here