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In the chemicals industry, continuous innovation and process improvement have been the key to creating big value for customers and investors. And yet, many accomplishments from the industry are not as visible to the market as they could be.

Industrial chemists, for instance, improve product performance and achieve customer requirements by innovating at the molecular level and discovering the changes in substances and processes that may have important implications to manufacturing, the environment and safety.

The same is true for the engineers working in manufacturing, where process improvement and engineering design is the focus, and identifying changes to plant design, equipment and processes, can meaningfully improve safety, reduce cycle times, and minimise operational disruptions.

Reaching that “alpha” moment where one achieves an important milestone for the first time may happen in an instant, but one doesn’t get there without perseverance and technical advancement.

It is therefore important to recognise those who are making these strides. With demands for high performance products, faster returns on innovation investments, lower costs of research and manufacturing, lower emissions and safer manufacturing, the future of the chemical industry relies on those who overcome challenges and drive critical advancements in compounds, formulations, advanced materials, and production processes.

For this reason, Elsevier R&D Solutions is honoured to sponsor this year’s ICIS Innovation Awards, celebrating the companies and individual innovators who have created and commercialised notable product and process innovations in the industry.

Additionally we are delighted to be co-launching the very first “Alpha Innovator of the Year” award category this year, recognising two high-performing individuals who have played a critical role in improving product performance, solving customer problems and making progress towards environment and sustainability goals.

Let’s celebrate those who are achieving commercial success through innovation while also paving the way for us to pass on a better Earth to future generations.

Elsevier R&D Solutions wishes continued success to all the nominees. We look forward to the celebrating your accomplishments.

About Elsevier R&D Solutions

Elsevier helps chemical companies bring commercially successful compounds to market while efficiently managing costs, safety, and regulations, by providing immediate access to specialised technical intelligence.

U.S. Chemicals

U.S. Chemicals (USC), a Maroon Group company, is an organisation dedicated to enriching the lives of its employees and community by practising sustainability and respect for the environment. USC is pleased to sponsor, for the eighth consecutive year, the Innovation with Best Benefit to Environment or Sustainability category of the ICIS Innovation Awards.

USC is diversified chemical distribution company that holds competitive positions for many commodity and specialty chemicals.

For customers and supply partners USC is a trusted collaborator. USC’s nimble team is dedicated to leveraging decades of experience, relationships and a can-do attitude to assess risk; thus making decisions quickly and acting boldly and accurately.

USC is set apart by the speed, flexibility and innovativeness of its employees; the team leads customers in finding the best solutions for each opportunity and business challenge: grasping suppliers’ and customers’ needs and solving problems.

In addition to a variety of sustainability programmes – recycling, creation of green space/organic gardening, heating/lighting efficiency initiatives and wellness programmes at the headquarters in Darien - USC ensures that suppliers, principals and logistics providers have sustainable programmes and processes in place. USC’s business partners are vetted to ensure that standards are met.

Social responsibility and giving back have long been part of USC’s corporate culture and the company has an extensive history of supporting organisations in the environmental and health arenas.

Recent collaborations have included programmes with Charity Water, I am a Girl and Trees for a Change. This year USC is continuing its campaign to raise, and match, up to $50,000 for AmeriCares’ Free Health Clinics serving the low-income under and uninsured in the Connecticut County where the company is based. To date more that 50% of the goal has been achieved. Since 1998, USC has donated close to $300,000 to AmeriCares.

About U.S. Chemicals

Serving the needs of the chemical industry for over 55 years, U.S. Chemicals, a Maroon Group company, combines quality, innovation and service like none other. U.S. Chemicals has built a team that thoroughly understands the complexities of the chemical industry and includes experts at material sourcing and acquisition.

U.S. Chemicals serves as a single source for the chemical acquisition needs of many industry sectors, including paint, ink and coatings; chemicals and textiles; cosmetic and personal care products; flame retardants; food and pharmaceutical; plastic; and rubber. It offers prompt delivery from multiple warehouse locations throughout the US.

Its world-wide network of resources assures customers of highly competitive pricing, optimum quality and consistency, and rapid worry-free sourcing and delivery.”

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ExxonMobil Chemical


ExxonMobil Chemical is one of the largest chemical companies in the world. Our unique portfolio of commodity and specialty businesses generates annual sales of more than 24m tonnes of prime products.

The commitment by ExxonMobil Chemical to maintain a leadership position in technology is fundamental to our continued success. We have a broad portfolio of proprietary process, product and product applications expertise. Now, more than ever, chemicals are the building blocks of modern life. Chemicals play a key role in fields integral to human progress, including transportation, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, as well as efficient manufacturing and packaging of a wide array of consumer goods.

As an organisation with technological achievements that have enriched the lives of people everywhere, ExxonMobil Chemical is pleased to sponsor the Small and Medium Enterprise category of the 2016 ICIS Chemical Business Innovation Awards.