ICIS Innovation Awards 2013 - U.S. Chemicals

U.S. Chemicals backs green initiatives

Carol Picarro

Carol Piccaro, president and CEO, U.S. Chemicals


For the past five years, U.S. Chemicals has been honoured to have sponsored the Best Environmental Benefit category of the ICIS Chemical Business Innovation Awards. Each year has offered a positive look at responsible manufacturing and creative ways of doing things differently to help improve our environment.

During 2012, U.S. Chemicals partnered with Trees for a Change and exceeded our company goal of planting 1,000 trees. We plan to continue this initiative with our upcoming project, dedicated to the regeneration of trees in Gallatin National Forest in Montana. Four hundred trees will be planted in memory of the lives lost in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, on 14 December 2012.

Please visit www.uschemicals.com to learn more.

To add to the growth of our environment, we will be creating an organic garden, right outside our office doors.

With ICIS inspiring responsible manufacturing of chemicals, as well as responsible employer and employee actions, U.S. Chemicals has been motivated to look at what we can change in our own day-to-day approach. We have painted our walls green and have “green-garb” Friday, reminding us to act mindfully. Some of U.S. Chemicals’ employees take the train in lieu of their cars to work, others have unplugged any unused electronics in the office and at home.

With future generations relying on our present actions, U.S. Chemicals has been proud to partner with ICIS for innovative creativity and encouragement. U.S. Chemicals extends the best of luck to this year’s participants!

About U.S. Chemicals

Serving the needs of the chemical industry for over 50 years, U.S. Chemicals LLC combines quality, innovation and service like none other. U.S. Chemicals has built a team of industry experts that thoroughly understands the complexities of the chemical industry and includes experts at material sourcing and acquisition.

U.S. Chemicals serves as a single source for the chemical acquisition needs of many industry sectors, including paint, ink and coatings; chemicals and textiles; cosmetic and personal care products; flame retardants; food and pharmaceutical; plastic; and rubber. It offers prompt delivery from multiple warehouse locations throughout the US.

Its world-wide network of resources assures customers of highly competitive pricing, optimum quality and consistency, and rapid worry-free sourcing and delivery.

For additional information: www.uschemicals.com

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