Is global warming a load of hogwash?

I am involved in this running email debate with the only person I know who is as stubborn and as pig-headed as myself – my old schoolmate in the UK. He is convinced that global warming is indeed a load of hogwash and has evidence to support his theory in this series of articles from the UK’s Daily Telegraph. Quite frankly, if either us were to be proved wrong we would never admit it.

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One Response to Is global warming a load of hogwash?

  1. Chemie 16 July, 2007 at 5:22 am #

    So much politicking about global warming is begining to desensitise the topic.

    The cost of combating global warming are disproportionately shouldered by poor developing countries.

    The policy of combating global warming places unrealistic limits on economic activities, the countries i.e China, Vietnam, Nigeria… that suffer from pollution and poverty due to the state of their economies will be condemned to continue in such a state.

    This is plain hypocracy when most of the third world countries power the developed ones. Is the priority in fixing them higher or spending more monies for leaders to jet ard to attend forums?

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