What’s the point in building a plant if you’ve got nobody to run it?

No point obviously. As this report from Deutsche Bank Download file notes, the global skills shortage is not just in the west.
In the engineering sector, and perhaps this applies to petrochemicals, Deutsche Bank claims that the huge outpouring of Indian and Chinese graduates is grossly exaggerated; and it adds that the quality of graduates from both India and China can be pretty poor, meaning a great opportunity for western Europe – particularly Germany.
It’s other conclusion, that the service industry boom cannot be sustained in India because of the skills shortage, is interesting. The route that India must therefore take, it says, is lots more manufacturing.
This is potentially tremendous news for petrochemical demand, again provided there are enough workers to run the plants.
But if India does embark on a huge build-up in manufacturing capacity, God help the environment.
I am already advising my 11-week-old son to buy a house on high ground. Soon I might need to suggest the Himalayas.

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