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Is the elephant about to fall off the bike?

As Paul Hodges notes in his Chemicals and the Economy blog, China’s Finance Minister quit this morning – either over his role in a sex scandal or because inflation and the stock markets are out of control. Petrochemical demand …

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Comments off until Tuesday 28 August

We will be undergoing routine maintenance this week end and you will be unable to post comments to this blog until Tuesday 28 August. Sorry for any inconvenience this will cause.…

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Bad luck always comes in threes and this is 2007!

Last night I was feeling a little mellow after consuming far too much ethanol (the French variety – a very reasonable bottle of Cotes du Rhone) when the idiots on CNBC began to rant on about this being 2007, which …

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The global credit crisis is going to last

The collective sigh of relief was almost audible late last week when the Fed cut its discount rate – the rate banks charge each other for lending.

Action from other central banks, including the European Central Bank, could follow this …

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Construction crisis? What crisis? China leads the way

As the Middle East struggles to find labour and raw material supply with contractors’ order books bursting at the seams, the Chinese seem to have no difficulty in executing their projects. See below for detailed analysis of what’s happening with …

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The fallout for petrochemicals from Iraq

As everyone focuses on when the next downturn might arrive, macro issues such as the implications of a likely US withdrawal from Iraq are rarely publicly discussed. But if I were on the board of any company making investment decisions, …

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