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Market mind reading

Regular readers of my blog might have seen last week’s post linking through to the New Scientist article about research into new ways of assessing how markets behave. Prompted by the irrationally steep falls triggered by the credit crisis (or …

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Missing the point

Great that my entry yesterday Work can be the death of you produced a response.

But I think the commentator missed the point.

Working long hours is not an issue for staff who are properly managed and motivated. The “presenteeism” …

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The US gets my goat

The expression “tthis really gets my goat” is in common usage in Northern England, where I hail from. Indeed, despite spending 11 years in Singapore, few people other than my wife (who is Scottish and has an even worse accent …

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Work can be the death of you

My dear old mother used to often say “what’s the world coming to?” as if life was constantly getting worse.

But for South Korean workers – and for workers everywhere in Asia – expectations of employers have long been unreasonable. …

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Does your boss listen to you?

Perfect subject if you’ve got the post-weekend blues….

A very irate and tired and emotional chemicals trader was moaning last week about the imposition of a new knowledge-management system by his company.

“Our bosses never listen to us and they …

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Does the ‘truth’ ever matter?

The momentum of opinion might be about to shift in favour of the belief that this year’s crude-oil price surge is more to do with speculation than fundamentals.

No less than 15 bills targeting speculators are circulating around Washington at …

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Crazy money breeds new thinking

This article from The New Scientist suggests we might have to develop a whole new way of asssesing what drives all commodity markets.

Intuitively, everyone knows that the herd instinct matters. But to measure this mathematically, or statistically, seems a …

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Middle East and China to run C2s regardless….

….that’s the case – in the Middle East case because of advantaged feedstock and in China’s case because it will be strategic.

In previous downturns, far more capacity was western, or other Asian, and liquids based and so rate cuts …

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It’s a whole new ball game

First of all, apologies to readers for my complete neglect of this blog over the last six weeks. I can only plead overwork and being too stunned by the collapse of the global economy to think about the blogosphere.

I …

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