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As this is the season of goodwill…..

…why not forgive debts as Nail Ferguson suggested in his article in the Financial Times last Friday.

His suggestion about giving those in mortgage arrears a break by converting their loans to longer term durations with fixed interest rates is …

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“Now, I have this great idea”….

As if you needed to reminded, be aware of the conmen who might try and sell you something you don’t need in 2009 as everyone tries to find a way through the crisis.

There could be more contradictory methods to …

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The new frugal and greener consumer, an Amsterdam-based consumer trends analysing service, has included something called Econcierge in its outlook for 2009.

This involves a new breed of less conspicuous consumers, straitened by the credit crisis or maybe feeling guilty for the wallops of cash …

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Will the US dinosaurs ever learn?

The dinosaurs are back……

The new “green team” appointed by president-elect Barack Obama might, after all, turn out to be a dream team for the US chemicals industry. This is despite what some of the old disonaurs within the industry …

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How hopeless is your company?

I was working with a chemicals consultant last month in India who gave me this priceless description of the true nature of a company:

“A company is a collection self-interested individuals who just occasionally — and purely randomly – carry …

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Waiting for the dead cat to bounce

Is my colleague in London a cat lover? I am, but did not take offence at the analogy.

If I knew when chemicals prices were going to rebound, I would tell you – but only for some hefty fees.

By …

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In search of corporate paradise

As business slows down everywhere and we have more time to brood, frustrations will build at imagined or real inefficiencies – and at the sometimes remote people at the top who hold our lives in their hands.

The grass will …

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He’s behind you…the evil banker

” Yes, a great story in The Daily Telegraph describes how bankers are being written into Christmas pantomimes in the UK as villains. Their reputation has fallen almost as low as that of marketing executives.

But the few bankers that …

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