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Petchems Pricing Power, Operating Rates Tell Real Economic Story

By John Richardson

PETROCHEMICALS and polymers pricing power – how easily petrochemicals producers can pass-on higher oil prices to their customers – is a great measure of the strength of the overall global economy.

The reason is that petrochemicals are …

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US Chemicals Slowdown

US PE contract pricesBy John Richardson

THE American Chemistry Council’s Mid-Year Situation and Outlook Report, which was released this week, helps explain the background to the weakness in demand seen in the US polyethylene (PE) market.

What goes for PE …

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China Auto Market Provides Clear Evidence

By John Richardson

DESTOCKING is obviously not the main driver of the decline in China’s polyolefins market, despite what a dwindling band of optimists are still arguing.

The glaringly transparent reason for the fallacy of the fading belief is a …

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Lasting Damage To US Chemicals

By John Richardson

The huge and long-lasting impact of the economic crisis on the US chemicals industry is detailed in the excellent Year-End Situation and Outlook report from the American Chemistry Council (ACC), which was released late last week.

Light …

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“Middle East To Control Basic Chems In 3-5 Years”

Abu Dhabi ahead in the race?

Source of picture: www.gulftrackservices.com

By John Richardson

The global basic chemicals industry is likely to end up under the dominant control of the Middle East, and possibly Asia, within the next 3-5 years, a …

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Crikey, did I eat that much?

The old saying “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” has at last been proved true with the virtual collapse of the global financial system – and with it, quite possibly, the world’s economy.

But for the last decade …

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