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Poverty Alleviation Matters More Than GDP

By John Richardson

RICH people, relatively speaking, don’t buy that many chemicals and polymers – hence, poverty reduction matters from a dollars and cents as well as a moral perspective.

Thus, a report released this week by the Asian Development …

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Foxconn And China Demographics

Source: http://www.engadget.com/2012/09/23/foxconn-taiyuan-riot/


By John Richardson

THE riots and a strike at Foxconn factories in China point to demographic changes that have major implications for the country’s economy.

China’s one-child policy means that it can no longer depend on a …

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What’s it like to be a millionaire?

….You might have to be to be able to afford this lot in a few years time (at least in some inflation-battered and collapsed local currency)

Thanks to Mark Berggren of MMSA for pointing out this wonderful quote: “Foreign aid …

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