Asian Chemical Connections

A tale of two polymers in China: ICIS 8th World Polyolefins Conference presentation
9th April 2019 by

WE HELD our 8th World Polyolefins Conference in Vienna last week where I presented this paper on the...

A brand new ‘how to” guide for forecasting Chinese polyethylene demand
29th March 2019 by

By John Richardson TIME and again over the last ten years the strength or weakness of Chinese chemic...

China polyethylene demand forecasting: Forget GDP, look downstream and focus on regions
12th March 2019 by

By John Richardson THE TOP DOWN method of estimating polyethylene (PE) demand growth in China that u...

China’s January credit surge: Case for one-off panic, no new global economic boom
6th March 2019 by

By John Richardson CHINA’S HUGE January credit increase might be the start of a new round of major...

China autos and polypropylene: Growth has peaked and will decline
13th February 2019 by

By John Richardson WHAT if the number of new vehicle sales in China reached a long term peak of 28.9...

Asian PE margins to test 2012 lows as consensus catches up with economic realities
17th December 2018 by

By John Richardson IT HAS been evident since as early as February this year that China’s economy i...

Scenario 1 inevitable? Are you really, really, hand on heart, that sure?
14th December 2018 by

ICIS and the UK–based chemicals company International eChem had the privilege of making a pres...

China plans to raise ethylene capacity by 113% in major self-sufficiency drive
24th April 2018 by

By John Richardson IN SEPTEMBER last year, I had thought that China might raise its ethylene capacit...

China’s 74% Fall In High-Risk Lending Points To New Slowdown
18th April 2018 by

By John Richardson THE above chart should give you a feeling of déjà vu. In early 2014, Chinese le...

China Scrap Plastic Crackdown: 1-2% Boost To Polyolefins Demand
16th April 2018 by

By John Richardson THE DECLINE in China’s imports of scrap or waste plastic and cardboard could bo...

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