Asian Chemical Connections

Propylene: How To Turn Oversupply To Your Advantage
3rd November 2015 by

The world has changed for good. Old ways of running petrochemicals businesses no longer work. Click ...

How 3D Printing Means No Repeat Of China’s Growth Story
5th May 2015 by

By John Richardson AS you can see from the above chart, China’s percentage share of the global pol...

China Would Be The Only Winner From A Price War
19th January 2015 by

By John Richardson IT IS dangerously wrong to still think of China as just a cheap, copycat low-valu...

The World Is Turning Upside Down
10th December 2014 by

By John Richardson A COMMON view is that Asia’s petrochemicals markets are merely suffering from a...

Why Should China Be Any Different From The US?
19th November 2014 by

By John Richardson THE complacent, yesterday’s wisdom about China is that it will remain a major i...

China’s Petchem Markets Contradict Latest PMI
24th June 2014 by

By John Richardson IF you study China’s petrochemicals markets on a regular basis they tell you so...

China: The Politics Behind The “Recovery”
25th January 2013 by

By John Richardson THE overall HSBC flash purchasing managers’ index for January, which was re...

Labour Supply After Chinese New Year
21st January 2013 by

Chinese job seekers at a recruitment fair Imaginechina/Rex Features   By John Richardson As pet...

China Polyolefin Buyers Smell Blood……
25th March 2010 by

…..but time to party for some thanks to re-exports to Brazil Source of picture: edgsgonesouth....

SEA Chemicals Need To Learn From The Past
8th March 2010 by

By John Richardson THE whinging is getting almost unbearable in Southeast Asia over the Asean-China ...

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