Asian Chemical Connections

Oil Prices Over The Next Six Months: What You Need To Know
7th November 2016 by

By John Richardson SURPRISED by the latest decline in crude prices following the US Energy Administr...

China’s Latest Real Estate Bubble And The Lessons Of History
26th October 2016 by

By John Richardson ARE you still playing catch-up on China as events once again take what you think ...

China’s New Real Estate Bubble: A LitmusTest For Economic Reforms
17th October 2016 by

By John Richardson NEARLY three years on  from when the Chinese central government first promised t...

China Peak Steel And Chemicals Demand May Have Arrived
24th February 2015 by

By John Richardson EVERYONE involved in the iron ore business must be very worried about the recent ...

China: Half Of All Loans Collateralised By Land, Real Estate
8th July 2014 by

By John Richardson BEN Bernanke, who as at that time chairman of the Fed, warned in July 2007 that t...

China’s Petchem Markets Contradict Latest PMI
24th June 2014 by

By John Richardson IF you study China’s petrochemicals markets on a regular basis they tell you so...

China Property: It Is All About Local Govt Funding
15th June 2014 by

By John Richardson THE more that things change in China’s property markets the more they stay the ...

Demographics Threaten China Property Collapse
21st May 2014 by

By John Richardson THE persistent weakness in China’s petrochemicals markets had mainly been cause...

China Housing No Longer A One-Way Bet
28th March 2014 by

By John Richardson CHINA’s real estate sector was responsible for 16% of the country’s GDP growt...

China PE Market Strength Questioned
1st November 2013 by

Dear blog reader – a  technical error, beyond our control, means that we are unable to upload...

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