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Speed Of China’s Growth Triggers New Official Warning

By John Richardson

The chairman of China Construction Bank has spoken about the dangers created by China’s GDP (gross domestic product) expanding by more than 9.5% in 2010, which, according to many analysts, seems highly likely: GDP is estimated to …

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Falling China license plates a lead indicator?

Source of picture: Chinaenvironmentallaw.com

Talk around the water-cooler in Shanghai offices at the moment is the fall in the cost of a car-license plate in September to a lowest bid of Yuan 27,000 ($3,953) from around Yuan 36,000 in August.…

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The more you look at the data…..

Deep in the heart of the great wealth gap

Source of picture: Blogmlive.com

….the more convincing seems to be the argument that financial and commodity markets have got way ahead of the recovery in the real economy.

Take a recent …

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Artificial price support about to disappear

Source of picture: gilesbowkett.blogspot.com

The excellent daily energy and shipping report, The Schork Report said today that the bottom had “fallen out of the entire (energy) complex.”

With the Bulls on the defensive, the authors believe that crude could retreat …

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Do you need a Joseph Kennedy moment?

Referring to the famous story about how Joseph Kennedy sold his shares on the eve of the Wall Street Crash after being given investment tips by a shoe-shine boy, my answer to the above is a definitive YES.

Over the …

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