Asian Chemical Connections

US GDP growth peaks as economic challenges build
29th October 2018 by

A FULL two percentage points of US third quarter growth of 3.5% was down to stock building. Total US...

US Import Tariff Decision: Impact On Polyethylene And The Global Economy
2nd March 2018 by

By John Richardson THE PROSPECT of a US-China trade war has edged closer as a result of President Tr...

Stock Markets: Real Implications For Petchems and Risks Of A “Cynical Bubble”
26th February 2018 by

By John Richardson WHEN stock markets are rising, the proverbial garden can look as if it is bloomin...

Asian Petchems Profits Could Test Historic Lows In 2018
12th February 2018 by

By John Richardson THE ASIAN steam cracker business has struggled to pass on higher oil prices as th...

US Stock Market Decline Highlights Consumer Spending, Income And Debt Risks
4th February 2018 by

By John Richardson THE SUSTAINABILITY of the US economic recovery rests on the willingness of people...

US Fed policy may be going Back to the Future
18th August 2011 by

by Paul Hodges Today’s 419 point fall on the Dow Jones Average, and $6/bbl fall in WTI crude o...

Financial Sector Fear Looms Large
26th May 2010 by

By John Richardson WE will explore the following issues in a lot more detail over the coming da...