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The beginning of the end?

For three wonderful years, petrochemical producers have had the pricing power thanks to tight supply and demand balances and very strong growth economic growth.

Now with crude close to pushing past the pyschologically important $100 a barrel barrier and construction …

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The Middle East may set polyolefins pricing

This was the warning from Bob Bauman of Nexant ChemSystems at last week’s 25th Annual Petrochemical Conference in Houston, Texas.

Read below for some rather gloomy predictions of where markets could be heading in 2011-12…

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Should we now discount Iran’s Olefins No 11, 12 and beyond?

The news that Iran is accelerating its uranium enrichment process brings the country closer to United Nations sanctions and quite possibly a military strike by the US or Israel. The No 9 and No 10 Olefins projects are far too …

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Basell predicts tough times for polyolefins in 2009-10

Paul Cherry of Basell gave an excellent paper at the recent ICIS Olefins Conference – Download file Paul offers some hints on how to survive the next downturn, and provides some sobering predictions on operating rates. I bet that after …

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