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The Risks Of Being An Outlier

By John Richardson

THE blog has been mystified throughout this year over why senior industry executives appear to remain “in denial” over the weakness of global petrochemicals markets.

Time and again we have heard the comment that the falls in …

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Iran Remains Optimistic On Exports

                                    Dubai crucial for Iran


By Malini Hariharan

The blog recently had an opportunity to talk to a few Iranian companies and was impressed by their sanguine approach to the challenges posed by the new round of sanctions.

This too …

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Iran Sanctions Lead To Illegal Shipments Claim

Source of picture: http://www.westernesa.com/


By John Richardson

AN allegation has been made that traders could be changing bills of lading on cargoes of a certain liquids chemical being shipped out of Iran in an effort to get round tougher …

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