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Germany’s Long-term Economic Challenges

Source of graph: Eurostat


By John Richardson

AS delegates gather for this year’s European Petrochemical Association (EPCA) meeting in Berlin, which takes place on 5-9 October, it might be tempting to believe that Europe has turned the corner.

Supporting …

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No Eurozone Miracle Cure

Source of picture: Wikipedia


By John Richardson

THE eurozone hasn’t been rescued by the programme of sovereign bond purchases, announced a month ago by Mario Draghi.

Wolfgang Munchau, in this excellent article in the Financial Times, explains why. This …

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European Petchems: A Great Year For Some

By John Richardsn

A brilliant seven months or a collapse in average profitability to its lowest level since end-2009 are two radically different takes on the fortunes of European petrochemicals so far this year.

The description of a brilliant January-to-August …

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China’s Widespread Inventory Problem

By John Richardson

THE extent of the inventory overhang in China has become more apparent thanks to a research note from Kunal Agrawal – Singapore-based refining and chemicals analyst with BNP Paribas.

Kunal’s note – based on a survey of …

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China Tries To Transform Itself

By John Richardson

CAN China succeed in transforming its economy from one which is over-reliant on exports to one where domestic consumption is a much bigger driver of growth?

And how long will this process take and in the interim, …

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Chemical execs go long on realism

Offsetting the risk of being over-optimistic?

Source of picture: thetradingpit.net



MAYBE there should futures contracts in realism versus recklessness. That way any senior company executive who wants to take a punt on next year being better than 2009 can …

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The big challenges

As delegates gather for this year’s European Petrochemical Association meeting in the unreal world of Monaco (unreal for the 99.9 per cent recurring of us who don’t own Ferraris), I thought it was worth summarising some of the issues discussed …

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