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Last chance for Taiwan petchems

By Malini Hariharan

The Taiwanese government is once again talking of removing a ban on cracker investments by Taiwanese companies on the mainland.

The country’s minister of economic affairs said late last week that the government is willing to consider …

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Polymers start the year on a robust note, but how long will it last?

By Malini Hariharan and John Richardson

Expect the unexpected and you probably stand a good chance of making money in the polymer market.

Defying expectations of a slowdown in demand ahead of the Chinese new year in February markets have …

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Is ExxonMobil taking a gamble?

Will China relax the price controls that have led to wallopping great losses for domestic refiners, thereby justifying ExxonMobil’s Fujian investment? As we can see from this Bloomberg article, Exxon is pinning many of its hopes on these controls being …

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