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Everywhere You Look

By John Richardson

EVERYWHERE you look across China’s petrochemical markets the story is the same as in polyethylene (PE): Exceptionally weak demand during a time of the year when demand should be good.

Take purified terephthalic acid (PTA) as an example.…

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India still shining

The figures may not be as impressive as China but India too has been churning out some good growth numbers.

The Index of Industrial Production was up 11.7% in November, the fastest pace of growth in more than two yeas. …

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More Questionable Chinese Data Clouds The Picture

It seems as if Lex of the Financial Times is finally catching up with this blog by questioning the validity of some of the official data coming out of China. We take this as a compliment.

In today’s column it talks about …

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Japan is still in search of a consumer recovery

Japan’s fourth quarter GPD growth of 4.8%, which was released today, exceeded economists’ expectations. However, although consumer spending rose by 1.1% on an annualised basis, this merely compensated for the 1.1% decline in Q3. In addition, wages rose by only …

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