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Reliance Reveals Major Investment Plans



By Malini Hariharan

India’s Reliance Industries is evaluating investments in a number of chemicals including olefins and derivatives, acetyls, elastomers and fibre intermediates to increase its petrochemicals production from crude, a senior company executive has told the blog.…

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Making Everyone Feel A Little Bit Middle Class

Far more choices now…

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By John Richardson

THE nature of demand growth in emerging markets is a subject the blog has paid some attention to over the last few weeks.

Taking advantage of this …

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Getting Education Right Is Crucial

The brightest and the best, but will there be enough of them?

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By John Richardson

EDUCATION, education and education are three of the biggest challenges facing developing countries over the next 10-20 years.

This …

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Abandon Fear And Plan For The New Utopia

Michael Corleone once told his fiancee, “The old way of doing things is over – even my father knows that. In ten years time, the Corleone family will be entirely legitimitate” and ten years later he was still killing lots …

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APIC Confidence A Dangerous Thing?

Mumbai at night


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By John Richardson in Mumbai

POLYOLEFINS will not see a margin collapse this year due to persistently strong demand growth and continued problems with new-capacity start-ups, said numerous industry sources …

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Cash Will Remain King in 2010

Still too crowded…

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By John Richardson


Dear Readers – Welcome Back.

Having spent the last two weeks lying on Western Australian beaches, drinking beer and reading books on European history – while also building sand …

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