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The Perils Of An Even Weaker Yen

By John Richardson

YOU cannot turn 65-year-olds into 35-year-olds, no matter how much central bank stimulus you throw at the problem.

This is why the real, underlying problem with Japan is its demographics which make all the current attempts to …

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Hallucinatory Effects


By John Richardson

THE reasons cited for last week’s global sell-off in stock markets (see the above chart of the Nikkei up until Thursday last week) were concerns over volatility in the Japanesegovernment bond market and the economic slowdown in China.

Some investors, …

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Risks To Japan From China Dispute

 By John Richardson

THE Japanese economy is at great risk from the East China Sea  dispute which, if  unresolved, could result in a long and bitter trade war with China, said several chemicals industry sources.

Japanese electronics and auto companies could even …

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Boom, Gloom and the New Normal – Chapter 2 Published Today

Chapter 2 of Boom, Gloom and the New Normal is published today.

In a completely new and challenging analysis we argue:

• The Western BabyBoomers boosted chemical demand for housing, autos and electronics during their peak consumption years between 1980-2000. …

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Japan Disaster – Update On Lost Production

By John Richardson and Nigel Davis

THE humanitarian side of this disaster is foremost in everyone’s minds with more than 18,000 people now estimated to have died in the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

Of equal concern is the crisis at …

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European Petchems & Future Competitiveness

By John Richardson

Dear Reader

We hope and pray that the nuclear crisis in Japan will be resolved and that the rebuilding process following the earthquake and tsunami can be begin.

My colleagues at ICIS news are doing a comprehensive …

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Japan Disaster – Lost Production Update

By Nigel Davis

For some, life goes on. For others, everything is lost.

An email to the BBC on Tuesday from a resident in Mie, Japan, 350 miles from the stricken nuclear power plants on the east coast of the …

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Japan Disaster 2 – Refining, Petchems Update

By John Richardson

OUR sympathies again go to the people of Japan. The main focus should be on providing as much support as possible to the rescue efforts and let’s hope that petrochemical companies globally step forward.

But as we …

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