Asian Chemical Connections

China’s Evolving Autos Market: What It Means For PP
9th May 2014 by

By John Richardson THE tide of credit that lifted all boats in China meant that chemicals company CE...

US Petchems “Double Peak” Theory
4th February 2013 by

Wall Street rounding up investors? Source of picture: Rex Features   In a guest blog post, Jose...

Formosa Confirms US Cracker Plans
28th February 2012 by

By Malini Hariharan One more US cracker and propane dehydrogenation (PDH) project has been confirmed...

Petchems And The Non-Profit Motive
2nd February 2012 by

By John Richardson AS the US contemplates raising its ethylene capacity by up to 29 percent by 2017,...

Power outage hits Al-Jubail plants
20th January 2012 by

By Malini Hariharan A power outage at Al-Jubail has forced crackers and downstream plants at Al-Juba...

Accident spurs US ethylene; Asia holds steady
9th February 2011 by

By Malini Hariharan Spot ethylene prices in the US have moved up following a fire at Enterprise Prod...

How Can This Year Not Be A Let Down?
30th January 2011 by

    Ali Naimi, Saudi Arabia’s oil minister, suggests more oil supply could be o...

US Petrochemicals A World Beater
15th November 2010 by

Shell’s refinery and petchems complex in Deer Park, Texas Source of picture http://www.msnbc.m...

All mixed up in the West
11th May 2010 by

By Malini Hariharan The blog has been writing about the softening in olefin and polyolefin prices in...

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