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Chemicals Companies Need Security Of Demand

By John Richardson

MUCH of the focus of last week’s Asia Petrochemical Industry Conference (APIC) in Singapore  once again seemed to be about feedstock advantage.

This included several charts ranking the competitiveness of the three major categories of ethylene producers …

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German Politicians Head In The Wrong Direction

By John Richardson

IT took Germany’s politicians five weeks, including a final marathon 17-hour negotiating session, to agree on a “grand coalition”, points out The Economist in this article. 

The trouble is that, despite this massive expenditure of hot air …

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Less Bling, Please

Source of picture: Luxepost.com 


By John Richardson

CHINA’S industrial output has had the weakest start to a year since 2009 and retail sales growth has slowed, according to this article from Bloomberg.

New local-currency loans for February were also …

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Innovation: No More Time Left To Lose


 Source of picture: http://whyfiles.org/ 


By John Richardson

MY colleague Nigel Davis has written an excellent Insight article which highlights how some chemicals companies are seeking to respond to changing patterns.

As we have discussed before, Bayer Material Science …

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Saudi Arabia’s New Export Challenge

Source of picture: Indiaagrifarms


By John Richardson

Saudi Arabia continues to pursue its vision of adding social value to its hydrocarbon reserves by creating jobs. This involves going further downstream from basic petrochemicals.

“The Ministry of Petroleum has said, …

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Food Prices And Chemicals

Graph prepared by the http://www.thegatesnotes.com/Personal/2012-Annual-Letter


By John Richardson

RISING food prices resulting from adverse weather conditions in the US, South America and Russia represent yet another threat to global economic growth.

Grain prices could, for instance, increase by as …

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The Water Challenge

Source of picture: BBC


By John Richardson

By 2050, the world’s 10 biggest river basins by population are expected to produce a quarter of global GDP, according to a report commissioned by HSBC, which was released in June.

The …

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The Changing Landscape For Manufacturers


The New Normal involves three major transformations in the nature of consumer markets, which are:

• The increasing size of the New Old 55+ age group in the West.

• Too many young people struggling with higher unemployment.

• …

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US Petchems: The Bigger Picture

By John Richardson

Access to cheap feedstock, access to cheap feedstock and access to cheap feedstock might seem like the three most-important elements to any petrochemicals strategy.

Thus, for many in the US, adding capacity based on abundant and therefore …

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China and India: No Guarantees

MOST chemical companies now believe it is inevitable that China and India will reach developed economy status. Many even believe that their strong growth will mean “the end of economic cycles”.

But as we discuss in Chapter 6 of ‘Boom, …

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