Asian Chemical Connections

US Risks Losing Access To 82% Of Global PE Consumption Growth, 80% Of Exports
20th August 2018 by

By John Richardson PERHAPS this week’s low-level trade talks between the US and China shouldn’t ...

US PE Exports: Impact Of China Tariffs On Smaller Markets
17th August 2018 by

By John Richardson LET US assume for downside planning purposes that the Chinese 25% tariffs against...

China tariffs: Quantifying The Impact On US Petchems And Energy
13th August 2018 by

By John Richardson PRESIDENT Trump believes he is winning the trade war with China because of the mu...

China 25% Tariffs On US PE Imports Extended To All HDPE, Nearly All LLDPE
10th August 2018 by

By John Richardson CHINA has extended its 25% import tariffs on US polyethylene (PE) to include all ...

China’s Latest Threat Of US Methanol Tariff Perfectly Targeted
6th August 2018 by

By John Richardson CHINA crunches exactly the same data as the rest of us, as I warned on Friday wh...

Global Trade War: $12.4bn of US Petchems Exports At Risk
9th March 2018 by

By John Richardson THE CUMULATIVE negative effect on global GDP as more and more countries became in...

China’s Pollution/Economic Campaign To Reshape Petchems
22nd November 2017 by

By John Richardson I BELIEVE that China’s environmental crackdown will continue to disrupt petroch...

China To Now Raise Ethylene Capacity By 84% As Self-Sufficiency Drive Accelerates
4th October 2017 by

By John Richardson SINCE my last update on 18 September, our ICIS China team have discovered a furth...

China Jobs Versus The Cost Curve
17th March 2014 by

By John Richardson ACHIEVING approval for any new petrochemicals projects in China is going to be a ...

China’s “Overwhelming” Overcapacity
18th April 2013 by

By John Richardson A HOPE being expressed by chemicals and polymer traders and producers the blog ha...

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