Asian Chemical Connections

The “Why” Behind Sinopec’s Investment Freeze
1st May 2014 by

By John Richardson SINOPEC has announced that it will halt some of its new petrochemicals investment...

Less Rather Than More Petchems Free Trade
29th November 2013 by

By John Richardson A LOT of the talk at this year’s GPCA conference in Dubai was of the need for m...

No Ethylene Margins Peak In 2016
29th October 2013 by

  By John Richardson FORECASTS of European capacity closures and project delays and cancellatio...

China PE Imports: A Long-Term Outlook
16th October 2013 by

  By John Richardson THE chart below is worth revisiting, and pondering again, as we attempt to...

The Saudi Feedstock Debate Intensifies
25th April 2013 by

By John Richardson THE debate about the future competitiveness of Saudi petrochemicals versus the US...

Filtering Out The Noise
19th February 2013 by

By John Richardson ONE should be careful about reading too much into the above margins for February ...

1.5m tonnes Of New Asian PE Supply In 2013
11th January 2013 by

By John Richardson SOME 1.5m tonnes of new polyethylene (PE) supply will arrive in the Asian market ...

NATPET Warns On Saudi Gas Increase
10th January 2013 by

By John Richardson SAUDI ARABIA’S National Petrochemical Industrial Co (NATPET) has gone publi...

China Polyolefins Recovery Continues…..
8th January 2013 by

…..For Now    By John Richardson RELATIVE to most of 2012 – when China’s...

World Heading For L-Shaped Recovery
25th October 2012 by

Mr Bernanke, please take note By John Richardson The recovery is always six months away and so while...

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