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Saudi Oil And Gas Supply – Anyone’s Guess



By John Richardson


SAUDI Arabia’s crude-oil reserves may have been overstated by as much as 40% or 300bn barrels, according to this article on February 8 in the Guardian, based on cables between Saudi and US diplomats …

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ExxonMobil Gas Buy Supports “Fuel Of The Future” Argument


By John Richardson

ExxonMobil’s purchase of XTO Energy for US$41bn seems to support the widely-held view that natural gas is the fuel for the future.

XTO specialises in the technology necessary to exploit shale gas and other hard-to-get-at unconventional …

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The big challenges

As delegates gather for this year’s European Petrochemical Association meeting in the unreal world of Monaco (unreal for the 99.9 per cent recurring of us who don’t own Ferraris), I thought it was worth summarising some of the issues discussed …

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Changing nature of demand

As oil prices keep on falling, it might be tempting to forget the big picture. I had another frustrating conversation yesterday with a contact who believes that there’s nothing to worry about on crude (it was all downs to speculators, …

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History will repeat itself

It is September 2025 and the financial system has imploded due to the collapse in value of collaterised green obligations (CGOs).

So how did we end up in this sorry state? Here is a guide to how the crisis developed:…

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The world is round after all

Back in the heady days of 2006, I asked a group of five like-minded nerds what their favourite business book was.

They unanimously voted for The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the 21st Century by Thomas Friedman.

I …

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A drowning man will clutch onto anything

A drowning man will grab hold of any floating debris – even a plastic bag made from standard-grade Chinese polyethylene (PE).

Hence, last Friday a statement by Wang Tianpu led to a few days of excited speculation about the cancellation …

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Yes, I know – I was wrong!

Anybody who has had the misfortune to have to listen to me ranting on about Peak Oil of late might have heard – if they managed to stay awake long enough – that I predicted crude could not fall below …

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What’s it like to be a millionaire?

….You might have to be to be able to afford this lot in a few years time (at least in some inflation-battered and collapsed local currency)

Thanks to Mark Berggren of MMSA for pointing out this wonderful quote: “Foreign aid …

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“There must be some way out of here….”

….said the joker to the thief..…

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