Asian Chemical Connections

Iran-China PE trade and the sanctions: short term dip but long term big increase
15th November 2018 by

By John Richardson IRANIAN exports of PE to China will likely suffer a temporary decline because of ...

Polymers industry risks sleepwalking into sustainability crisis
31st October 2018 by

GLOBALLY some 75% of aluminium is recycled, 86% of steel and 40% of glass. Why shouldn’t the same ...

Don’t Forget Turkey And Its Importance To Global Polyolefins
27th August 2018 by

By John Richardson YOU might well have forgotten the Turkish lira crisis because of the US/China tra...

Plastics Rubbish Crisis: How To Pick The Winning Polymer Producers
22nd August 2018 by

By John Richardson IT IS FIVE years from now. You are rich because you live in the developed world. ...

Turkey Crisis: Implications For Polyolefins And Global Economy
14th August 2018 by

By John Richardson THE first ramification of the Turkey crisis is that the collapse of the lira rais...

The Three Essential Oil Price, Economic Growth Scenarios For Petchems
1st August 2018 by

By John Richardson ALL the excitement over the positive impact of US tax cuts should be placed very ...

Why China Will Rapidly Become Paraxylene Self-Sufficient
13th June 2018 by

By John Richardson WOW, what an opportunity. That might be your reaction to the two above charts. On...

Asian Polyolefins Profits To Test 2012 Lows As Global Economy Slows
11th May 2018 by

By John Richardson PETROCHEMICALS are a great barometer for economic growth as they are the raw mate...

Electric Vehicles And The Collapse In Oil, Polymers Demand
4th May 2018 by

  By John Richardson IN THE mid-1980s, AT&T hired a consultant to estimate the level of US ...

Asian Polyolefins Markets Still Indicate Economic Slowdown
2nd April 2018 by

By John Richardson ANOTHER week has led to another fall in Asian polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene...

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