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Selecting China’s Losers From Its Winners

By John Richardson

WE know that:

China’s Total Social Financing (TSF) was down by 18% in January-April 2015 on a year-on-year basis. TSF is the measure of total credit growth in the economy, from both the state-owned banks and the…

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European Petchems: A Great Year For Some

By John Richardsn

A brilliant seven months or a collapse in average profitability to its lowest level since end-2009 are two radically different takes on the fortunes of European petrochemicals so far this year.

The description of a brilliant January-to-August …

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Making Everyone Feel A Little Bit Middle Class

Far more choices now…

Source of picture: www.mhhe.com/business



By John Richardson

THE nature of demand growth in emerging markets is a subject the blog has paid some attention to over the last few weeks.

Taking advantage of this …

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Saudi Private Petchem Cos To Consolidate

A-Jubail in Saudi Arabia

Source of picture: www.chemicals-technology.com


By John Richardson

SOME of the privately-owned Saudi Arabian petrochemical producers could well be forced to consolidate as a result of lack of feedstock for expansions, an industry source told the …

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China – An Opportunity And Threat


Source of picture: Dachangplastic.com


By John Richardson

WHAT a difference ten years have made in the plastics processing industry, according to a Southeast Asian converter who sees China’s machinery=manufacturing prowess as an opportunity and threat.

“Ten years ago …

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The Philippines: Left With the Crumbs

“Here’s your entire allocation for this month”

Source of Picture: Adammakwright.wordpress

In the words of a plastics converter from the Philippines: “Markets are so tight at the moment that we are left to pick up the crumbs. Suppliers are concentrating …

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Don’t You Wish You Could Be Yourself?

Picture: The Daily Mail

Ok, I lied – I am having trouble getting back into my petrochemicals bubble and so this post is not about polypropylene. Apologies to all those disappointed C3 H6 molecules out there.

I was sharing lunch …

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If manufacturers started buying up their suppliers….

This excellent article from The Economist about vertical integration got me thinking that if, say, auto makers start buying up parts suppliers in developed markets (in developing markets the plastics processing industry is too fragmented) we could end up facing …

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