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Will crude oil revive PE markets?

By Malini Hariharan

Has the steady increase in crude oil prices last week prompted Chinese buyers to resume purchases? That is what a Shanghai-based distributor of Middle East product is hoping. And it is the only explanation that he can …

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Crude, Demand Destruction & Irresponsible Bankers


Source of picture: www.walletpop.com



By John Richardson

In his own words Paul Hodges of International e-Chem – and also a fellow blogger – puts in a nutshell some of the dangers confronting the chemicals industry as we …

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Do you need a Joseph Kennedy moment?

Referring to the famous story about how Joseph Kennedy sold his shares on the eve of the Wall Street Crash after being given investment tips by a shoe-shine boy, my answer to the above is a definitive YES.

Over the …

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Changing nature of demand

As oil prices keep on falling, it might be tempting to forget the big picture. I had another frustrating conversation yesterday with a contact who believes that there’s nothing to worry about on crude (it was all downs to speculators, …

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