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Chems Trade Protectionism On The Rise

By John Richardson

TRADE protectionism in chemicals is set to rise during 2012 as a result of a weaker global economy, warned a trade lawyer who specialises in the chemicals industry.

“There was a 30-40% increase in the total number …

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China And The WTO Ten Years On

By John Richardson

TEN years ago this weekend China officially joined the World Trade Organisation (WTO), and so no doubt numerous speeches have been given about all the benefits to the global economy.

Here is a somewhat more negative perspective:

*As the diagram …

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US-China Yuan Row And The Threat To Chemicals


Source of picture: The China Daily


By John Richardson

THE outcome of the row between the US and China over the value of the Yuan has the potential to bring to an end a tentative and highly unbalanced …

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Wearing blinkers is a job requirement

“Take it from me, peripheral vision isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, especially if you want to get a decent annual bonus….”


Source of picture: www.whipnspurs.co.nz


Here’s a rant for Tuesday – with thanks to Paul Hodges for informing …

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West To Exert More Cost Pressures

The US back-to-school buying season

Source of Picture: theglobeandmail.com

As regular readers will remember, last Friday I linked through to this article from the New York Times on the likelihood of a disappointing back-to-school sales season in the US.

I …

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Will Fiscal Rebalancing Trigger A Trade War?

Ron Kirk faces a tough balancing act

Source of Picture: United States Mission – Geneva

“The rebuilt American economy must be export-oriented and less consumption-oriented,” said Larry Summers, Director of the US President’s National Economic Council, earlier this month.

But, …

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