Asian Chemical Connections

Regional Trading Blocs: Globalisation In Reverse
25th November 2013 by

By John Richardson HAS anyone out there considered the possibility that we could end up with a serie...

Prepare For More Fragmented, Protected Markets
22nd November 2013 by

By John Richardson Last week, the blog gave a presentation at the ICIS Asian Polyolefins Conference ...

Australia: Nice Work If You Were Able To Get It
19th November 2013 by

By John Richardson BACK in the late 1990s, the blog held a discussion with an Australian petrochemic...

Much Less Of This…..
1st October 2012 by

……..  Source: FT Beyondbrics   By John Richardson A fascinating article by the...

Chems Trade Protectionism On The Rise
17th January 2012 by

By John Richardson TRADE protectionism in chemicals is set to rise during 2012 as a result of a weak...

China And The WTO Ten Years On
11th December 2011 by

By John Richardson TEN years ago this weekend China officially joined the World Trade Organisat...

US-China Yuan Row And The Threat To Chemicals
24th March 2010 by

  Source of picture: The China Daily   By John Richardson THE outcome of the row between t...

Wearing blinkers is a job requirement
13th October 2009 by

“Take it from me, peripheral vision isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, especially if...

West To Exert More Cost Pressures
11th September 2009 by

The US back-to-school buying season Source of Picture: As regular readers will r...

Will Fiscal Rebalancing Trigger A Trade War?
27th July 2009 by

Ron Kirk faces a tough balancing act Source of Picture: United States Mission – Geneva “...

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