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Polyolefin End-users Assume The Risk

By John Richardson

POLYOLEFIN end-users in China and Southeast Asia began to re-stock in significant numbers last week on anticipation that supply is going to remain tight for the next few weeks at least, the blog has been told.

“There …

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The US Debt Crisis And Asian Chemicals

By John Richardson

THE consequence of either a failure by the US to raise the debt ceiling and/or a downgrading of the country’s Triple A debt rating would have obviously have serious consequences for the Asian and global chemicals industries.…

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US Optimism Needs To Be Tempered

Flagging Recovery

Source of picture: www.guardian.co.uk


By John Richardson

THE latest US Institute of Supply Management survey signalled a buoyant manufacturing sector, in line with likely Q1 GDP (gross domestic product) growth of 5%, says the latest Weekly Chemistry …

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China Sept chemical import-surge data

More of the cheap stuff?

Source of picture: www.thelocal.de


Some of the China import data for September is now available – showing record-high imports of monoethylene glycol (MEG), ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), polyacetal, polycarbonate (PC).

“I have given up …

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