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US Housing: The Demand Conundrum

By John Richardson

WEALTHY people don’t buy most of the world’s chemicals and polymers production because there are not that many wealthy people in the world – especially in the US these days.

The Economist, in it’s the World In …

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US Housing Recovery 74% Below The Peak

By John Richardson

“People are tired of being depressed and looking for any little source of light to feel positive. Even companies are resorting to this and forecasting margin and earnings recovery though there is no strong data to show …

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US Housing Market – Real Recovery?

Source of picture: Rex Features


Today, we are running a guest blog post from Brian Spero,who is a financial contributor for the online resource, Money Crashers Personal Finance, where he writes about economic policy, real estate, and home improvement. …

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US Chemicals Slowdown

US PE contract pricesBy John Richardson

THE American Chemistry Council’s Mid-Year Situation and Outlook Report, which was released this week, helps explain the background to the weakness in demand seen in the US polyethylene (PE) market.

What goes for PE …

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China To Grow at 3 Percent

By John Richardson

THE possibility that China’s economy may not expand as rapidly in the future as in the past is never discussed in public by resources-company CEOs, said an Australian-based stockbroker.

His comments ring true for petrochemicals, also. The …

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How Can This Year Not Be A Let Down?



Ali Naimi, Saudi Arabia’s oil minister, suggests more oil supply could be on the way




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By John Richardson

CHEMICALS analysts at HSBC have added further weight to the argument that 2011 could …

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Chemicals Growth Story Gets More Complicated

A Velozzi plug-in hybrid

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By John Richardson

Doom-mongers are claiming the end is nigh with the world heading for a double-dip recession.

This is happening at the same as the optimists are talking of the …

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THE US: Recovery, What Recovery?



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By John Richardson

CORE consumer prices in the US declined for the first time in December since 1982, according to the latest American Chemistry Council (ACC) Weekl;y Chemistry and Economic Trends report.

And …

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