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US Needs A New Normal “Permanent Study Group”

By John Richardson

A LOT of the discussions taking place in and around last week’s American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers International Petrochemical Conference (IPC) in San Antonio, Texas, was, of course, around oil prices.

Lower crude prices means less of …

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US Petchem Feedstock Costs: Not All Gloom for Asia

YESTERDAY we examined some of the factors shaping long-term outlook for polyethylene (PE) exports to China. And, today, as promised, we go into detail on another part of the story: Influences on future feedstock-cost position of US producers.

What follows …

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Crude Oil Price Risks Escalate

By John Richardson

FINANCIAL speculators began to play an increasing role in crude-oil markets following liberalisation of financial trading rules, signed into law by Bill Clinton in 2000, as we argued in chapter 3 of our e-book, Boom Gloom & …

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LyondellBasell Plans US Capacity Additions

                                Jim Gallogly

                               Source of picture: ICIS 


By John Richardson

LYONDELLBASELL has joined the list of US producers that have disclosed ethylene expansion plans as a result of low-cost ethane and the belief that we are heading towards an …

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US Shale Gas: The Truth Versus Perception


Source of picture: alfin2100blogspot.com


By John Richardson

SINCE when has the truth mattered in the battle between environmentalists and the oil, gas and chemicals industries?

This is a game of perception on both sides as estimates of risk are …

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Lasting Damage To US Chemicals

By John Richardson

The huge and long-lasting impact of the economic crisis on the US chemicals industry is detailed in the excellent Year-End Situation and Outlook report from the American Chemistry Council (ACC), which was released late last week.

Light …

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Petrochemicals Supercycle On The Way – Morgan Stanley

Watch out for the charging bulls…


Source of picture: sbynewsblogspot.com


By John Richardson

A FEW senior industry executives told the blog as long as a year ago that a petrochemicals supercycle was on the way as a result …

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US Polyolefins Confront Tough H2

Source of picture: www.usaembassy.com



By John Richardson

THE US poyolefins industry has enjoyed a remarkable recovery since the depths of the financial crisis thanks to major feedstock advantages in polyethylene (PE) and the rebound in the domestic economy.…

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Update 2: Reliance Betting On US Competitiveness

He’s not bad at making money

Source of picture: www.dealbreaker.com


SOME of the logic behind Reliance Industries’ bid for LyondellBasell could be a recognition that the globalisation of petrochemicals markets may have gone into partial reverse.

A climate bill passed …

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