Asian Chemical Connections

How Lehman Bros reshaped China and the global PE business
17th September 2018 by

By John Richardson MOST of the analysis on the tenth anniversary of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC...

The Three Essential Oil Price, Economic Growth Scenarios For Petchems
1st August 2018 by

By John Richardson ALL the excitement over the positive impact of US tax cuts should be placed very ...

Increasing Risks Of Financial Crisis By End-Year
27th July 2018 by

A sign that the central bank “put option” has come to an end By John Richardson EVER sin...

China Debt Squeeze, Trade War, Dollar Strength Pose Major Risks
29th June 2018 by

By John Richardson IT DIDN’T matter if there was any truth behind the stories people used to tell ...

China Polyethylene Strong Q1 Growth Doesn’t Reflect Risks Ahead
15th June 2018 by

By John Richardson CHINA’S Q1 2018 polypropylene (PP) imports were down by 20% year-on-year as app...

Why China Will Rapidly Become Paraxylene Self-Sufficient
13th June 2018 by

By John Richardson WOW, what an opportunity. That might be your reaction to the two above charts. On...

China Auto Sales Slowdown Points To Lower Polypropylene Growth
8th June 2018 by

By John Richardson AUTOMOBILES are, of course, a key end-use market for chemicals and polymers and C...

China Overlooked Lending Data Down 64% As Economic Slowdown Continues
25th May 2018 by

By John Richardson FAR too little attention is still being paid to China’s lending data even thoug...

China’s 74% Fall In High-Risk Lending Points To New Slowdown
18th April 2018 by

By John Richardson THE above chart should give you a feeling of déjà vu. In early 2014, Chinese le...

China Scrap Plastic Crackdown: 1-2% Boost To Polyolefins Demand
16th April 2018 by

By John Richardson THE DECLINE in China’s imports of scrap or waste plastic and cardboard could bo...

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