Petrochemicals: Changes in ownership bring greater risks

In the petrochemical market, traditional patterns of company ownership are changing. We are seeing the rise of state-owned enterprises (SOEs), especially in emerging markets, and in the ownership in the downstream petrochemicals segment. Accenture’s analysis of ICIS Supply and Demand Data shows that this shift is bringing a flood of new producers to the industry—and […]

Is The US Ethane Market Getting Tighter?

Taking look at the latest EIA data (published 4/28/2017) with a little ICIS analytics thrown in: The amount of ethane recovered in February was up 20% year-on-year and 12% over January, Estimated rejection level was down 33% year-on-year but only 3% from the prior month, Overall ethane potential remains relatively flat despite a slight year-on-year […]

The Art of Price Forecasting

One of the most disheartening parts of being in the price forecasting business, particularly in the energy price forecasting business, is that, despite all your hard work, your forecast will most likely be wrong… and the further out you go, the further the actual price will deviate from your forecast price. The good news is […]