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Markets wait for oil price lead

The March IeC Boom/Gloom Index confirms the blog’s sense that markets are sitting on a fence, waiting for something to happen. As the chart shows (blue column), it has risen back to 4.1, just at the point which divides strong from weak markets. Similarly the US S&P 500 Index (red line) is stuck at 1369, […]

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Housing debt challenges the American Dream

The US housing market collapse has wiped out $6tn in wealth since it began in 2006. But even today, little is being done to solve the critical issue – that homeowners took on too much debt, which will never be repaid. As a result, the situation continues to get worse, not better. And some influential […]

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Companies remain cautious on the outlook

Q3 results showed chemical companies being cautious over the outlook. Q4’s results have now confirmed the external environment remains difficult. The reasons are not hard to find: • Slow growth in the global economy – BASF expect 2.7% again in 2012 • Uncertainties over the Eurozone debt crisis and its wider impact • Concerns over […]

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