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Spain enters the eye of the Eurozone storm

Spain is in the eye of the storm in the Eurozone crisis. Its economy is the 12th largest in the world, with GDP of $1.4tn. If it crashes out of the euro, then we will all feel the impact. And worryingly, the pace of events seems to be speeding up, even whilst the politicians continue […]

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China PE Sept12.png

China’s PE market continues to stall

In the SuperCycle, polyethylene (PE) demand growth was closely linked to economic growth. Our research for the 2008 Feedstocks for Profit study showed, for example, a 1: 1 ratio between global growth in GDP and PE demand between 2002-7. But since the Crisis began, the linkage has become much more complex. China’s market presents the […]

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Israel’s backtrack removes support for oil prices

Since 2009, analysts have found it more and more difficult to explain oil price movements. They would like to believe these are driven by the fundamentals of supply and demand. But this is clearly not the case. Inventories all around the world are comfortable. Equally, supply continues to expand whilst demand growth is weak. They […]

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