Chemicals and the Economy

EU auto sales fall 7% in April
24th May 2010 by

April 2009 wasn’t a great month for EU auto sales. Volumes (red line) were down 11.6% versus A...

Preparing for an Age of Austerity in public spending
22nd May 2010 by

The blog has sometimes despaired of the cheer-leading and wishful thinking of too many leading polic...

Crude oil falls as markets reassess economic outlook
20th May 2010 by

On 6 May, the blog warned that “it would be very nervous indeed about holding a long position&...

Retailers still see challenging times ahead
19th May 2010 by

The blog is a great believer in the forecasting power of the major retailers. The top 3 global compa...

IMF warns on government spending
18th May 2010 by

The global economy and the chemical industry have been boosted, since the Crisis began in 2008, by m...

Dow focuses on Performance, Market-Driven businesses
17th May 2010 by

10 years ago, Dow was in the middle of completing its $12bn Union Carbide acquisition. This made it ...

Deepwater Horizon to lead to more regulation
15th May 2010 by

The blog gained some key insights into the current M&A landscape this week, at the annual Pilko...

A new way of travelling light
13th May 2010 by

As a very frequent traveller, the blog was intrigued by a flight attendant’s tip for packing m...

India’s motor industry focuses on ‘Nano’ cars
12th May 2010 by

India was the only major country to see auto production growing last year. With the Asian Petchem In...

The Bank of Dad and Mum rules
11th May 2010 by

Paul McCulley of Pimco, the world’s largest bond fund managers, has been continually insightfu...

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