Chemicals and the Economy

Chemicals, the “flea on the tail of the currency/interest rate dog”
25th April 2016 by

Markets are becoming increasingly chaotic, as the world’s major central banks each try to deva...

Oil market rally under threat as Doha meeting fails to agree
18th April 2016 by

Yesterday’s failure of the Doha oil producers meeting will hopefully reintroduce a note of san...

US GDP Q1 forecast at just 0.1%; global chemical output slows
11th April 2016 by

“Confusion now hath made his masterpiece”.  This quotation from Shakespeare’s gre...

Hedge funds exit oil price rally as Saudi plans post-oil economy
6th April 2016 by

“Within 20 years, we will be an economy or state that doesn’t depend mainly on oil“. T...

Oil market speculators profit as central banks hand out free cash
21st March 2016 by

Oil markets are entering a very dangerous phase.  Already, many US energy companies have gone bankr...

China’s rising exports: less about growth, more about exporting deflation
18th March 2016 by

China’s move towards self-sufficiency is radically changing global oil and petrochemical marke...

Prepare for $10-$15/bbl oil as Iran, US return to the market
18th January 2016 by

Oil markets finally entered their “give-up phase” last week.  Amazingly, it is now near...

Oil hits $30/bbl – and suddenly, analysts forecast lower prices
13th January 2016 by

Yesterday, oil prices reached my long-held $30/bbl forecast level.  And suddenly, it seems, all the...

Expect $25 – $30/bbl oil and lower chemical prices in 2016
11th January 2016 by

More than $2.3tn was wiped off the value of global stocks last week as China’s slowing economy and...

Financial markets feel impact of the Great Unwinding
8th January 2016 by

Its not been a great start to the year for those who have trusted in conventional wisdom: Western st...

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