Chemicals and the Economy

US auto sales head towards price war as subprime loans rise
23rd March 2016 by

The warnings keep coming about the underlying health of the US auto market.  But, as with the subpr...

Average US auto loan term hits record 68 months in May
4th June 2015 by

May was “another fantastic month for US auto sales”.  Or, it took the industry “o...

Subprime loans drive US auto sales growth
8th October 2014 by

Major problems are developing in the US auto market.   The critical issue is that companies have b...

Price war looms in US auto market as incentives increase
8th April 2014 by

The blog is awarding itself a pat on the back this morning, as its forecast last month for the US au...

US automakers increase incentives as sales fail to boom
7th March 2014 by

This month is likely to be a very good time to buy a new car in the US.  The reason is that auto ma...

US auto sales continue to disappoint
7th September 2011 by

One characteristic of recessions is that recovery is always ‘just around the corner’. We...

Chrysler warns of China threat
11th August 2011 by

Chrysler CEO, Sergio Marchionne, has issued a wake-up call to Western auto companies about the growt...

US auto sales disappoint, again
6th July 2011 by

Time was when US auto sales only rarely dipped below 1.1 million/month. Since the Great Recession be...

US auto buyers shift towards the New Normal
5th May 2011 by

US auto sales remained stable last month. As the chart shows (red line), they were just above the 1....

US consumers shift to fuel-efficient autos
2nd April 2011 by

After 2.5 years of 0% interest rates, $5trn of government stimulus and a payroll tax cut, the US eco...

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