Chemicals and the Economy

London house prices slip as supply/demand balances change
22nd July 2018 by

London house prices are “falling at the fastest rate in almost a decade” according to m...

Chart of the Year: US$, 10-year US interest rates begin to rise
21st December 2016 by

Last year it was the oil price fall.  This year, there is no doubt that the US dollar has taken cen...

India’s currency reforms hitting ordinary people, the economy and auto/oil demand
16th December 2016 by

It is now just over a month since India introduced the biggest currency reform the world has ever se...

Chemicals, the “flea on the tail of the currency/interest rate dog”
25th April 2016 by

Markets are becoming increasingly chaotic, as the world’s major central banks each try to deva...

US Federal Reserve aims to devalue the dollar, again
8th April 2016 by

What we “assume” can make an “ass of u and me“, as the proverb says.  And t...

Expect $25 – $30/bbl oil and lower chemical prices in 2016
11th January 2016 by

More than $2.3tn was wiped off the value of global stocks last week as China’s slowing economy and...

US 10-year interest rates jump 23% as Fed debates 0.25% hike
30th November 2015 by

Media hype over the potential for a 0.25% interest rate rise by the US Federal Reserve is well under...

2012 Budgets
15th October 2011 by

The blog will publish its fifth annual Budget Outlook next weekend. As usual, it is therefore time t...

Super-fast computers lead financial markets under QE2
10th February 2011 by

Super-fast computers continue to increase their role in financial markets. They first came into prom...

USA aims “to inflate the rest of the world”
19th October 2010 by

If you only read one newspaper article this year on the economic outlook, then the blog would recomm...

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