China’s PE market slows further
25th June 2011 by

China’s polyethylene (PE) demand in Q1 was down 1.6%. Now the blog’s analysis suggests J...

China’s Dalian trading suggests trouble lies ahead
11th April 2011 by

They don’t ring bells at market tops, to warn about what might happen next. But the above char...

China cracks down on futures speculation
6th December 2010 by

China’s Dalian futures market has become a hotbed of speculation over the past 2 years, since ...

China’s futures markets give mixed messages
4th November 2010 by

China’s Dalian futures market has been attracting world headlines recently, with its status as...

Dalian follows oil, interest rate, speculation
16th September 2010 by

The past fortnight has confirmed the strong linkage between Dalian futures trading, and financial ma...

August highlights
31st August 2010 by

Many readers have been taking a well-deserved break over the past few weeks. As usual, therefore, th...

Dalian’s LLDPE contract rises as demand slows
4th August 2010 by

Undertaking fundamental analysis of a market can be a tedious business. You have to try and understa...

Dalian polymer volumes remain under pressure
1st June 2010 by

China’s Dalian futures market has been the global centre of speculative polymers trading for o...

China’s Dalian volumes drop 74%
3rd May 2010 by

A year ago, China’s Dalian futures exchange was hitting its peak, in terms of polymer volume. ...

China’s speculative surge nears the end
8th February 2010 by

One can only feel sorry for China’s government leaders. A year ago, they faced 23m unemployed,...

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